Friday, November 6, 2009

Netbook Operating Systems Linux vs Windows - FACTS!

Follow up from Netbook Operating Systems Linux vs Windows

I got a few comments from people asking to show my source before stating that Windows got the vast majority of the netbook marked (as of today!). Actually in the previous post I mentioned that Windows got about 90% market share. Well.... if you continue reading you may think that the market share of Windows is close to 100%!!!!

Here you have: what best of the most used shopping portals?
Please look at Amazon bestseller: you'll find only Windows XP and Windows 7 netbooks you won't find a Linux netbook in the top 20!
Look at Expansys: you won't find a Linux netbook in the first 9 pages (about 80 netbooks)!

If this is not enough: how do you explain that none of the bestselling Samsung netbooks (among the best around) are shipped with Linux, at least in Germany!!!

Go to the EEE PC site : in the overview only Windows is mentioned, if you grab in the product specifications you see that a Linux option is possible.

UPDATE: Of course Windows doesn't have 100% market share, in any case Linux netbooks in 2009 got far below 30% reported by many blogs around.

UPDATE2: 30%, 20%, 10% or 0%, it's impossible to have a precise estimation of 2009 market share for Linux netbooks. What's sure is that in 2010 and 2011 we'll see a major espansion of Linux netbooks due to the first commercial ARM Netbooks and the big push from Google.


E said...

You can't see past the end of your nose mate if you could measure world wide sales of netbooks you would find Linux share much higher! so FACTS off!

djsm said...

Kindly post FACTS, thank you!

E said...

Anonymous said...

Those aren't sources for the specific claim that Windows ships on 100% of netbooks. Either you can back up that claim with specific independent third party studies proving your point or you should retract the claim. Alternatively, continue doing what you are doing now and simply lose all credibility.

djsm said...

The 100% market share for Windows is of course a provocation! I didn't mean it seriously.
I know that some share ships with Linux, the question is how big is this share?
A recent article claims 32%, this is way too much, I can't believe that.

djsm said...

I know very well this article, see

Only a voice is reported, no facts. Actually I decided to post after reading that article, I simply don't believe that 30% of the netbooks shipped in 2009 with Linux. How can it be? At least in US and Europe we probably half or even less.

kirovs said...

Dell and HP sell Linux netbooks. 1/3 of Dell's netbooks are linux. Then we have Purely linux portals (System76, etc.). We add to those "clean", no OS netbooks (OCZ DIY, I have one with Ubuntu). Finally, in many places where you cannot get Linux netbook people buy WinXP one and upgrade to Ubunut :-).
Finally it is not just US and Europe you know. There are other continets :-).
By the way look at financial data. Penguincomputing, System76 sales rose double digit. MS client sales decreased double digit. Hmmmmmm....
So now you can do your math again.