Friday, August 22, 2008

Atom vs Celeron M 353 vs VIA C7 vs Core Duo Performance : EEE PC vs MSI Wind vs ...


An important german magazine (c't) published a performance comparison of netbook CPUs with a Core Duo 1,6 GHz (T2060). The only clear bottom line is that the VIA C7-M has the worst performance, in all tests.
The Atom CPU is as quick as the Core Duo 1,6 GHz for HDTV 720p video decoding while the Atom is quicker for Video-DVD decoding.
Powerpoint: about the same performance for Atom and Celeron while the Core Duo is much quicker.
Complex Word document: the Celeron is as quick as the Core Duo, the Atom is a bit slower.
MP3 decoding with VLC: the Atom CPU is by far the quickest (2 sec), Celeron 5 sec and Core Duo 20 sec.
MP3 decoding with Windows Media Player 9: the Celeron is the quickest (7 sec), Core Duo and Atom need 20 sec.
Trackmania (game) : the Atom is the slowest with 9 fps , Celeron 13 fps and Core Duo 20 fps.
Quake III: not possible with Atom since the a driver was missing, the Celeron reached the same performance level of the Core Duo (54-58 fps) while the VIA C7 reached 25 fps.



MasiQ said...

very interesting thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Im must say im quite surprised (over Dathon performance), thank you for sharing.

John Kuo said...

I have a Lenovo with a Celeron 520 and I've installed XP x64 on it. It runs a little hot (I think Celeron processors do) but web,media, word processing applications, etc, on it work fast and smooth (gaming not included, of course, and deactivating services you don't need on the OS helps). All the people who give Celeron a bad reputation are probably trying to use it for jobs it's not designed for.