Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Atom Pineview Netbooks 2010, Atom N450 to miss Christmas 2009

A netbook as Christmas present? Why not! In any case your present will have an Intel Atom N270/N280 on board, it means the first Atom generation.
About a year ago Intel announced the first Atom Pineview netbooks for end of 2009, now end of 2009 is approaching a xbitlabs.com news reporting that Intel Atom N450 (the first pineview Atom) netbooks are going to be presented earliest for the 2010 CES, it means that the new Atom is going to miss the Christmas 2009 market. Actually it is a smart way for Intel to give a final push to the Atom N270/N280, why to hurry with a new processor if the competition is basically not existent?

Some more details on Atom pineview processors

Cite from xbitlabs: "Intel Corp. will reveal more details about its next-generation Intel Atom platform for netbooks and nettops on the 21st of December ’09 and computers makers will launch actual systems powered by Intel Atom N450 and derivatives on the 4th of January 2010, just in time to show them on the Consumer Electronics Show."

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