Thursday, June 17, 2010

Netbook free anti malware/anti spyware protection - complement free antivirus

As posted in Best free antivirus for netbook, you can get a good antivirus protection for free and that won't slow down your netbook.

What I forgot to mention is that an antivirus alone is not enough: it is important to get anti malware and anti spyware protection. Something that none of the free antivirus provide.

One of the free anti malware/spyware (possibly the best) is PC Tools Threatfire. If you use a free antivirus I warmly recommend you PC Tools Threatfire in order to get a complete protection.
You can get it for free from the PC Tools, no need of registration.

I use it since weeks in my Dell Mini 10v (Intel Atom N270, 1GB RAM) to complement the free Avast Antivirus and I didn't notice a netbook slow down since the installation.

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Anonymous said...

avast! free antivirus actually provides the protection agains viruses AND spyware. It has both functionallities in the free offer plus the detection of rootkits which the most of the others don't have.

But I like the most the option to have the computer scheduled for full scan in night. It will wake up the computer from sleeping, scan it, clean it and put it to sleep again.