Saturday, January 9, 2010

Intel Atom N450 (Pineview) vs Atom N280 vs N270 Benchmarks

The first netbooks with Atom N450 (Pineview, 1.66GHz) are already shipping and much more are going to be released in the next few weeks:
In the meantime some few Pineview netbooks arrived to the press and the first benchmarks are out: bottom line the Atom N450 doesn't bring more horse power to netbooks using the new Atom generation. The situation will definetly change with the Atom N470: the higher clock (1.83GHz) will help a bit to improve netbook performance.

I put together some benchmark results
The wPrime (32M) and Cinebench R10 (2 threads) clearly show that the Atom N450 is positioned at the Atom N280 level. Only 3DMark06 test shows some slightly better values for the pinewiew (Atom N450).

More details on Atom N450 and N470 performance

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umpcmedia said...

Basically, not a lot of difference!

That is disappointing...

Anonymous said...

this benchmark means: you enjoy more longer time in with your girlfriend than before.

:D let see the "difference":

If you guys are given 1 netbook amongst 2 identical netbooks but one is N280 and other is N450. i know u will not choose the n280.