Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Linux in Netbooks

Just notice looking at the netbook topseller list on my blog: none of the top 10 netbooks got Linux, they are all shipped with Windows XP.
Did Linux loose a chance to get to the people? High return rates burned fingers of Asus, MSI and Co. Mainstream netbooks in the next 18-24 months will still be shipped with XP and the new Windows 7.
In any case I do think that Linux still got a chance: a few OEMs (e.g. Dell) instist shipping netbooks with Linux and big names (e.g. Intel) are spending big money on Linux for netbooks and portable devices (mobile phones).
Help is also coming from Intel's competition: Linux is the only reasonable netbook operating system for ARM based netbooks and the recent announcement of Flash 10.1 supporting ARM is a great news: finally ARM based netbooks gotta a chance to offer decent internet browsing experience.
My bottom line: the situation can only improve!

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kozmcrae said...

"High return rates burned fingers of Asus, MSI and Co."

In order to get "burned" by a product you must purchase and own such a product. When MSI made the claim that their Linux netbooks were being returned at a rate four times higher than the Windows XP netbooks, they weren't even selling Linux loaded netbooks. That fact is well known. How you missed it, I don't know.

Orion said...
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Orion said...

Yes, there has been a lot of progress in the development of Linux for mobile devices with quite a number of big players going down that path.

Linux gives them the control and flexibility that Windows won't as it is proprietary and under Microsoft's full control. With Linux, they can have their own branding and customizing and this is what is attracting the big boys.

Windows 7 is a factor in the rate of adoption for Linux on netbooks when it comes out. The general opinion (like the coming of Vista) has been a lot of high hopes. Hype? We won't know until the pudding is put on table for everyone to eat and test it for themselves in their day-to-day computer and internet use.

The big boys (outside of Microsoft and Apple) want Linux. It gives them independence to do what they want and I'm looking forward to a Linux netbook that gives me a whole day's use on battery power ... without having to pay more for the OS and be able to use good, free open source software.

djsm said...
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djsm said...

The big names push Windows XP despite the additional cost, why?

Fact: we currently see only few netbooks with Linux. At the beginning of the netbook a significant share where Linux, now this share is close to zero.
In the next months can only be better for Linux, now we are at the bottom.