Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dual Core Atom Pineview - Netbook

About an year ago I wrote of the voice that end 2009 a dual core Atom processor would reach the netbook market.
I really think that this voice was wrong. In the next months Intel is going to launch the Atoms with Pineview Architecture, the first Atom Pineview for netbooks is supposed to be the Atom N450. The CPU is directly derived from the Atom N280, clocked at 1.66GHz and with 512KB L2 cache.
A dual core Pineview Atom is also planned (Atom D510), however this processor is targeting the nettop markets and is a replacement for Atom 330 (also dual core).

As I said many times: forget a big performance push for the Atom! As long as Intel doesn't get serious competitors in the netbook market we must live with weak processors. Intel got a big interest in sustaining the request of Atom, avoiding getting close to the Core 2 CULV processors.

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