Monday, September 14, 2009

Intel Atom N450 and N470 (Pineview) vs Atom N270 and N280

UPDATE: First Atom N450 Benchmarks
with the ASUS Eee PC Seashell 1005PE
demonstrate that the Pineview Atom N450 is positioned at the Atom N280 performance level, it means slightly above the N270.
See also the articles with the benchmark results
It seems that with the Pine Trail/Pineview architecture we're going to see some performance boost in netbook processor performance.
The Intel Atom N450 and Atom N470 will take advantage of the integrated memory controller, the lower DDR access latency will definetly improve single thread performance. Other hand hyperthreading will be relatively less efficient.
While the Atom N450 will still be clocked at 1.66GHz (as in Atom N280), the real boost is expected with Atom N470, getting clocked at 1.83GHz.

* Atom N270 vs N280: almost inesistend performance adder.
* Atom N270/N280 vs N450: here I see some advantage of the N450 especially vs N270, not dramatic tough.
* Atom N270/N280 vs N470: here we should see a measurable performance boost, given the 10% higher clock.

That said, don't forget that Intel don't have interest on a very powerful Atom processor to avoid competition with Core Solo ULV processors. The Atom processor got a simple in-order architecture, it means that (for example) a 1.6GHz Core Solo processor is much more powerfule than a 1.6GHz Atom.

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Anonymous said...

The main Atom's goal is long battery life - not performance. Core 2 Solo ULV is the compromise.

Anonymous said...

Actually, netbook makers will probably reduce the size of the battery, so that the life will still be around 8 hours.

They will also lose the fan, since the heat output is way less.

The result will be incredibly thin and light netbooks.