Monday, August 24, 2009

Dual Core Netbook (Intel Atom 330 processor) in 2009

A new dual core netbook announced for the japanese market, unfortunately the processor isn't new, "just" the well known Intel Atom 330, clocked at 1.6GHz. The Atom 330 isn't popular in netbooks for two/three reasons
  1. it isn't as power optimized as Atom N270/N280
  2. higher price than N270/N280
  3. if I well remember because of Microsoft policy restrictions: you don't get the Windows XP netbook OEM price with a dual core processor.
Unfortunately Intel isn't going to release a new dual core Atom (for netbooks) this year. The announced Pineview processors. The main news is the new chipset architecture (integration of the graphics core in the processor), no big news for the processor core itself, the Pinewiew processors reuse the Atom N280 core.
A single core for netbooks, Atom N450, and the Atom D510, dual core successor of the Atom 330.

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