Saturday, June 27, 2009

Windows 7 Discount Sale - Screaming Deal - Netbook Operating System

Unbelievable: you can grab up to 3 Windows 7 licences with over 50% discount, no joke!!!

Dear friends, no matter whether you own a netbook, a laptop or a normal deskop/tower pc. You got the chance to get a Windows 7 Home Premium licence for just $50 (USD) at Amazon or a Windows 7 Professional for just $100 (USD) hurry up since the offer is valid only until July 11th (2009) ”or while supplies last” for U.S., Canada and Japan (start on July 5th).
No joke! Today Microsoft started the so called "screaming deal", you can preorder a copy of Windows 7 update for less than half of the price, unbelievable!

Just to let you understand how much you can save with the pre-order, this is the regular price starting October 2009:
Windows 7 Edition Upgrade Full license
Home Premium $120
Professional $200 $300
Ultimate $220 $320

Again: for a Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade you save over 50%, you pay just $50!!

A similar offer will be available in the next few weeks in Europe (United Kingdom, France, Germany), starting July 15th.

I already installed a copy of Windows 7 RC1, it is fantastic. My feeling is that Windows 7 is much more responsive and quick than Vista. The net is full of videos of netbook (EEE PC, MSI Wind and Samsung NC10) running the Windows 7 beta, the performance level is about the same that you get with Windows XP.

When looking at the Windows 7 offer, I just saw that Office 2007 Home and Student got to really cheap level, below $80 USD.

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