Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Atom N280, new Intel Atom Processor and DVD for EEE PC 1004D

Asus presented at the recent CES a new interesting EEE PC netbook model, the EEE PC 1004DN. The major innovations in the EEE PC 1004DN netbook are a DVD drive and especially a new processor: the Intel Atom N280 CPU.
The coming of the Atom N280 has been already indirectly announced by an "confidential" Intel Sales document, at page 5 (bottom rigth) the Atom N280 was signaled as available for Q1 2009 in the netbook processors box.

Atom N280 vs N270
What I find interesting is the fact that (according to the Intel document) beside a marginal increase in the CPU clock the Atom N280 is very similar to the N270. The Atom N280 is clocked at 1,66GHz while the Atom N270 is clocked at 1,6GHz. Both are single core, got a 533MHz FSB and 512MB cache (L2).
It means that the netbook performance improvement can't be perceived and, if the information above is correct, the first benchmarks will definetly confirm it.
Some internet news stated that the N280 has a 667MHz FSB, other sites talk about 1,86GHz clock however these are just rumors. I'm not sure how reliable these informations are, in any case it is known that current Atom family can achieve about 2GHz clock, I won't be surpriced to see very soon a 1,86GHz or 2GHz Atom processor.

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ComputerMonger said...

The N280 is faster than the N270, but the difference is small.

PC Mark 05 results:
N280 1479 PC Mark 05 CPU Points
N270 1444 PC Mark 05 CPU Points

Check out the other results: