Friday, November 7, 2008

Dual Core Atom Processor for EEE PC Netbook with Windows 7

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SEE UPDATE: the original news from endgadget wasn't correct, the EEE PC S101 has a single core Atom processor!

The facts first: at the last WinHEC event Microsoft presented a preview of Windows 7 running on a Netbook, the EEE PC S101 according to some blogs; according to the Microsoft presenter, the EEE PC is equipped with an Intel Dual Core Atom processor clocked at 1.6GHz (see video).
Another fact is that Asus doesn't ship (yet) netbooks based on dual core Atom processor. However it is only a matter of time:
So what's wrong here, how to interprete it?
  1. There is no question that the showen netbook is one of the EEE PC S series, at least from the design, however I bet that Asus would use a new model number for a netbook with dual core Atom processor maybe EEE PC S201, of course not EEE PC S101 since this model is marketed with a single core Atom processor.
  2. If the netbook is really equipped with a dual core Atom processor, the EEE PC model shown at the WinHEC is an Asus preseries model. BUT: in the video the speaker doesn't talk about a preseries netbook. The speaker just mentioned 1GB SDRAM, dual core Atom 1.6GHz and 16GB SDD hard disk storage. From his speach he was referring to a standard netbook rather than a preseries EEE PC.
  3. There is also an interesting possibility... as you know the Intel Atom CPU is multithreaded, maybe the speaker is not so deep in technical stuff and exchanged a dual threaded processor for a dual core processor. It isn't a joke, I saw it already in the industry... some marketing guys don't understand the differences between dual core and multithreading.
At the end of the days this is just guessing and it is a matter of time: Intel already announced a dual core Atom (the Atom 330) and I guess that in max 12 months we'll see the first dual core Atom netbooks in the market. Remeber that (according to Intel) the Atom 330 is addressing only the nettop market, it means that Intel is going to announce the first dual core Atom processor for netbooks.

Some more interesting thoughts....
If the showen netbook is really equipped with a dual core Atom, this is a sign that also the new Windows 7 runs much slower than Windows XP and needs considerable horse power to run. Otherwise why not to demo Windows 7 on a "normal" netbook equipped with the single core Atom CPU?

NEW posts about dual core Atom processor and Intel Atom processor


Chillyspoon said...

Hey there - it was announced as a mistake by the presenter, it really would be great if that little dual core was only just around the corner though! here's hoping.. :D

Ralph said...

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