Sunday, October 26, 2008

HP Mininote with Intel Atom for sale

The HP Vivienne Tam edition is going to be marketed in December 2008, the 10-inch class netbook is equipped with Intel Atom processor. This is a big news since the HP Vivienne Tam can be considered the first model of the new generation HP Mininote netbook. As you remember the current generation of HP Mininote 2133 is equipped with a not soooo fast VIA C7-M processor. According to some voices HP placed significant orders for the new VIA Nano (Isaiah) processor, the major concurrent for the Intel Atom CPU.
With the announcement of the HP Vivienne Tam it is clear that HP built a netbook using Intel Atom technology and it is very unlikely that (for such a low margin market) HP is going to built netbooks based on two different platforms.
Another possibility, not very likely though, is that the HP Vivienne Tan is not built by HP, it'is just HP branded and that the next generation HP Mininote PC will be based on VIA platform.

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