Tuesday, October 28, 2008

HP Mininote PC 2133 for sale below $300

Major price drop for the HP Mininote: it is currently on sale at Amazon for $299. Ok, it isn't the top featured anyway the HP Mininote PC 2133 is very well built and I especially like the keyboard, one of the best you can find in the netbook segnment. Also not common are an ExpressCard/54 slot and a Gigabit Ethernet interface.
Weak points are the low performance processor (VIA C7-M) and just 4GB SDD storage.
You can order it at Amazon with 512MB SDRAM for $299 with Linux operating system.
Don't worry about the little memory, it is possible to expant the SDRAM up to 2GB (as in the MSI Wind).
According to voices, the next HP Mininote PC will have the new, more powerful VIA Nano processor. According to first benchmarks the VIA Nano CPU should beat the Intel Atom.

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