Thursday, October 23, 2008

Medion Akoya E1211 vs E1210 vs MSI Wind netbooks

The scene around the 10-inch netbooks is always more busy, the netbooks are getting very similar and all at about the same price level, the models equipped with Windows XP are all about 400 Euros.
Medion announced availability for the Akoya E1211 for October for 400 Euros. This is very interesting: after all, the Akoya E1210 was basically a MSI Wind without Bluetooth.
Now the Akoya E1211 will include Bluetooth, draft n wireless LAN (wifi) and even 160GByte hard disk!
Conclusion: the Akoya E1211 seem to be even better than the MSI Wind U100!
  • MSI Wind U100 vs Akoya E1210: MSI Wind wins for the additional Bluetooth support.
  • MSI Wind U100 vs Akoya E1211: Akoya wins, thank to the bigger hard disk (160GByts vs 80GBytes) and draft n wireless lan (MSI Wind got simple 11g wireless)
  • Akoya E1210 vs E1211: E1211 wins. Bigger hard disk, better wireless and additional Bluetooth!
Table with the Akoya E1211 features (from the german magazine Chip)

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