Wednesday, May 7, 2008

EEE PC Mods - Integrated GPS, Bluetooth, 802.11n, touch screen ...

Your EEE PC is a very tiny laptop with a big upgrade potential: you can integrate a GPS receiver (including antenna!), Wireless N (802.11n), Bluetooth, additional storage, and much more!
For most of these some hardware mods are requrired: the devices are connected to internal USB ports obtained adding a tiny USB hub inside the laptop case (see also in the EEE PC links post)

Don't forget that hardware modification are at your own risk: you void the guarrantee.
An alternative that I recommend is to add the GPS and Bluetooth functionality via the available USB ports! There are a lot of GPS and Bluetooth USB dongles out on the market, some of them with Linux support. About storage, just attach an USB hard disk.
In a next post I'll list of EEE PC compatible GPS and Bluetooth USB dongles. Stay tuned!

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