Sunday, May 11, 2008

EEE PC - CPU for 700, 701 and 900

There is a lot of confusion about the EEE PC CPU, especially about CPU clock and cache size.
All models released so far use an Intel Celeron-M ULV (Ultra Low Voltage), model 353.

CPU Cache (from the Celeron M 353 datasheet) :
  • 32KB L1 instruction + 32KB L1 data cache (write back)
  • 512KB L2 cache
CPU frequency
  • EEE PC 700 (2G) : 571 MHz (from original 800 MHz)
  • EEE PC 701 (4G, 8G) : 630 MHz (from original 900 MHz)
  • EEE PC 900 : the original 900 MHz
Front Side Bus: 400 MHz (original...)

It is possible (and you void the guarrantee!) to overclocking the CPU and/or replace the CPU with a Pentium-M ULV.

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