Monday, May 19, 2008

EEE PC Competition - next HP Compaq MiniNote with Intel Atom or VIA Isaiah (C8-M)?

It seems that for the next MiniNote, HP Compaq is picking the CPU between Intel Atom and the new VIA Isaiah (C8-M).
Actually I'd be surprised if HP Compaq changes platform and use Intel, this would be a major change from current HP Compaq MiniNote 2133 with VIA C7-M.
The VIA C8-M Isaiah should be significantly more faster than the C7-M, especially because of much bigger caches.
According to first rumors the C8-M should be able to decode blue-ray films without problems. I'll let you know more in next posts.
About Isaiah vs Atom: You can find around a lot of posts about a CrystalMark benchmark where the Isaiah performs better than the Atom. Actually I have some doubths about test methodology, for this reason I'll wait for serious benchmarks on real products to come.

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