Saturday, May 3, 2008

EEE PC Competition: about EEE PC 701 and 900, MSI Wind, EasyNote XS, Elox One, Dell Vostro 1400 and OLPC XO-1

CNET is one of the premium source for electronics review, I post quick links to CNET's reviews of EEE PC 701 and 900 as well as some of the most interesting competitors

Actually this is not real competition for the EEE PC, nevertheless it is worth listing what you can get for less than 400 dollars. Some of them designed for shool childrens and with very little horse power.
Just for completeness CNET compares to the Dell Vostro 1400, much bigger than an EEE PC however with similar pricing, nothing impressive you may say. Well it is indeed: in the price a 120GB hard disk and a DVD burner are included!!! CNET previouw of the Dell Vostro 1400

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